I have been writing music for almost 10 years now, it’s always been something I’ve done on my own. Always the melody first, and then the lyrics. Usually I let the melody bring a feeling out of me and I go from there. 

A little over 3 years ago I met Tylor. I was on a music tour called “Salt Sessions” and he came to one of my shows. I was introduced to him after and it was instant. At first I thought maybe it was just instant for me… but then for the next few shows I kept seeing his face in the audience and by the end of the tour we were dating. As we got closer, I started running my melodies by him to see what he thought. He would bashfully say “what if you started it like this” and spit out something so perfect. I would immediately start to feed off him, then he would chime back in and feed off me, until we started writing song after song together. 

Here is a song we recently wrote, it’s sort of like a love song to the ocean. I recorded it on an iphone so forgive the quality. Hope you like it:)