On Monday of this week I had an incredible day!! JP, Deb and I headed up to Sage and Sound Studio in Hollywood where we got to see Gabe Witcher and Richard Dodd play on Trippin' On. When JP told me his idea of putting strings on Trippin' On, I was excited but really had no idea what to expect.

I will never forget the goose bumps that covered my body on that first take when the cello and violin kicked in.  Gabe and Richard nailed it and perfectly interpreted all the emotion that song contains for me.

I wrote Trippin' On years ago. It is very close to my heart and is pretty deep. Most people hear it and immediately assume it's about a failed relationship, but its not…… I will explain it another time.

That’s the amazing thing about music, its ability to connect on such a personal level to our own lives and stories. It's up to the listener how to relate to a song and get whatever they need from it.

Take a listen to the finished product on the music link of my site.  Heading out for a trail run, write you all again soon.